Top 100+ Names That Mean Ice 2023

Discover the cool elegance of names that mean ice. From nature-inspired to mythical, find the perfect icy name for your little one. Coolness awaits!

Choosing a meaningful and unique name for your baby is an exciting journey for parents-to-be. For those who appreciate the beauty and serenity of ice, we have curated a list of baby names that embody the essence of this frozen wonder.

Whether you’re drawn to the cool tranquility of winter, fascinated by mythical ice beings, or simply captivated by the purity and elegance of ice itself, these names will surely inspire you.

Our collection encompasses various naming categories, each offering a distinct perspective on the theme of ice. From nature-inspired names like Frost and Glacier to mythological references such as Skadi and Yuki-Onna, we explore a wide array of options to suit different tastes and cultural backgrounds.

You’ll also find names inspired by Arctic animals, winter landscapes, celestial bodies, and even historical figures associated with ice. Different names add a unique touch of meaning to names such as bright ice and freshwater ice etc.

Delve into this list of 12 unique naming categories and embark on a quest to discover the perfect name that embodies the enchanting world of ice for your little one.

Cool Names: Step into a realm of frosty elegance with our collection of cool names that embody the essence of ice. From nature-inspired to mythological and celestial, discover unique names that capture the captivating allure of the frozen world.

Mythical Names: Unleash your imagination and delve into a realm of enchantment with our compilation of mythical names that embody the icy essence. Explore the folklore and legends behind these captivating names that evoke the magic and power of ice.

Unique Names: Ignite your quest for individuality with our selection of unique names that beautifully represent the essence of ice. Discover rare and distinctive names that will make your child’s identity as extraordinary as the chill of ice.

Historical Names: Journey through time and uncover the historical significance of names that symbolize the icy realm. From explorers to legendary figures, explore the rich heritage behind these names that echo the cold embrace of ice.

Modern Names: Embrace contemporary charm with our compilation of modern names that embody the cool essence of ice. Discover sleek and trendy options that reflect the icy allure in a fresh and distinctive way.

24 Cool Baby Names That Mean Ice

Cool Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Here are some cool boy names that mean ice.

Frost – A name that exudes a cool and mysterious aura, reminiscent of the delicate ice crystals that form on wintry surfaces.

Glacier – Evoking images of grandeur and strength, this name signifies the immense icy formations found in remote and untouched landscapes.

Icelyn – A modern twist on the word “icicle,” this name is sleek and stylish, capturing the enchanting and delicate nature of ice formations.

Colden – Derived from “cold,” this name carries an edgy and resilient vibe, symbolizing the frosty resilience of ice.

Kai – With Hawaiian and Scandinavian roots, Kai signifies “sea” or “ocean,” conjuring images of vast, icy waters and the coolness they embody.

Drift – Inspired by ice drifts and the drifting motion of icebergs, this name suggests a sense of adventure and fluidity.

North – Signifying the direction of icy winds and the Arctic region, this name exudes strength and power, invoking a sense of cool authority.

Wintry – A name that directly relates to the season of winter, it represents the enchanting beauty and cold allure of ice.

Chione – Rooted in Greek mythology, Chione was a white snow nymph associated with winter and ice, making this name a unique and mythical choice.

Sleet – This name carries a touch of mystery and uniqueness, reminiscent of the icy precipitation that falls in a partially frozen state.

Crispin – Derived from the word “crisp,” this name conveys a cool and refreshing essence, akin to the sensation of ice on a chilly day.

Hailstone – Evoking the intensity of hailstorms and icy projectiles, this name showcases strength and resilience, encapsulating the power of ice in a single word.

Cool Girl Names That Mean Ice –

Crystal – A name that sparkles with icy brilliance, symbolizing the clarity and beauty of ice crystals.

Frostine – Conjuring images of a winter wonderland, this name captures the magical and ethereal qualities of ice.

Avaline – Meaning “beautiful bird,” this name suggests a cool and graceful presence, akin to the serene flight of an arctic winter bird over ice-covered landscapes.

Neve – Derived from the Latin word for “snow,” this name captures the purity and grace of freshly fallen snow, closely associated with ice.

Seraphina – Meaning “burning fire,” this name embodies a contrasting element to ice, creating a cool and fiery allure.

Neva – Derived from the Spanish word for “snow,” this name encompasses the tranquility and purity of freshly fallen snow, closely associated with ice.

Frostina – A variant of Frostine, this name exudes a charming and whimsical quality, reminiscent of icy enchantment.

Glacia – Inspired by the word “glacier,” this name conjures images of vast icy landscapes, representing strength and beauty.

Sylva – Meaning “from the forest,” this name alludes to the silent stillness of icy forests, exuding a cool and natural charm.

Aurora – Derived from the Northern Lights, this name represents the dancing and ethereal colors often seen against a backdrop of icy skies.

Crystalyn – A blend of “crystal” and “lyn,” this name combines the brilliance of ice with an elegant and feminine touch.

Winter – Reflecting the cold season itself, this name brings to mind a serene and tranquil atmosphere, akin to the beauty of ice-covered landscapes.

24 Mythical Baby Names That Mean Ice

Mythical Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Here are some mythical boy names that mean ice,

Boreas – Inspired by the Greek god of the north wind, this name represents the icy chill and power of winter storms.

Ymir – Derived from Norse mythology, Ymir was the primordial giant associated with the icy origins of the world.

Skadi – A Norse goddess of winter and mountains, Skadi personifies the harsh and icy landscapes, making this name evoke a sense of strength and resilience.

Khione – Rooted in Greek mythology, Khione was the goddess of snow, representing the icy beauty and serenity of winter.

Morozko – This name stems from Slavic folklore, where Morozko is a frost spirit who brings the freezing temperatures of winter.

Cailleach – From Celtic mythology, Cailleach is a divine hag associated with winter and storms, embodying the cold and fierce aspects of ice.

Ded Moroz – A Russian folklore character similar to Santa Claus, Ded Moroz is often depicted as a magical figure associated with winter and ice.

Liam – Derived from the Irish name “Uilliam,” meaning “helmet of will,” Liam represents resilience and strength, akin to the icy resilience of winter.

Kuraokami – In Japanese mythology, Kuraokami is a dragon deity associated with rain and snow, symbolizing the powerful and transformative nature of ice.

Gelidus – Derived from Latin, this name directly translates to “icy” or “frosty,” capturing the essence of cold and frozen landscapes.

Aputsiak – Rooted in Inuit mythology, Aputsiak refers to a spirit associated with snowflakes, representing the delicate and intricate nature of ice.

Frostarius – A combination of “frost” and “arius,” this name exudes a mythical quality, symbolizing the connection to the mystical realm of ice.

Yule – The name Yule has Old English origins and is associated with the winter holiday season known as Yule, which traditionally marks the winter solstice.

Frostwyn – Blending “frost” and “wyn” (meaning “friend” in Old English), this name signifies a mythical friend of the frost, evoking a sense of enchantment and companionship.

Mythical Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Eirlys – Derived from Welsh, this name means “snowflake” and represents the delicate and enchanting nature of ice crystals.

Isolde – Rooted in Arthurian legend, Isolde symbolizes the icy allure and captivating beauty of the legendary character associated with frosty landscapes.

Freya – From Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess associated with love, beauty, and winter, embodying the elegance and power of icy realms.

Yuki-Onna – A figure from Japanese folklore, Yuki-Onna is a snow spirit known for her ethereal beauty and icy presence, making this name evoke a sense of mystique.

Arianrhod – Derived from Welsh mythology, Arianrhod is a goddess associated with the moon and stars, representing the serene and cold nature of the night sky.

Brigid – Rooted in Celtic mythology, Brigid is associated with healing, poetry, and winter, capturing the magical and transformative qualities of ice.

Polaris – Named after the North Star, Polaris represents a guiding light in the icy night sky, embodying the celestial beauty and cool radiance.

Lumi – Derived from Finnish mythology, Lumi means “snow” and reflects the pure and crystalline nature of ice.

Hekate – From Greek mythology, Hekate is a goddess associated with witchcraft, magic, and the night, encompassing the mystical and cool elements of ice.

Selene – Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene represents the cool and ethereal radiance of the lunar realm, reminiscent of the serene beauty of ice.

22 Unique Baby Names That Mean Ice

Unique Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Here are some unique boy names that mean ice,

Cryos – Derived from the Greek word for “icy cold,” Cryos is a distinctive name that captures the essence of frozen landscapes and the chill of ice.

Frostburn – A combination of “frost” and “burn,” this unique name suggests the contrasting elements of ice and fire, representing the transformative power of extreme cold.

Icelus – Inspired by Greek mythology, Icelus was the god of dreams, reflecting the ethereal and mysterious nature of ice in a distinct and uncommon way.

Glacius – A name directly referencing glacial ice formations, Glacius conveys a sense of strength and resilience, evoking the grandeur of frozen landscapes.

Frosthaven – Combining “frost” and “haven,” this name paints a picture of a safe and icy sanctuary, symbolizing a place of tranquility amidst wintry elements.

Chillin – A playful and unique name, Chillin encapsulates the cool and laid-back essence of ice, bringing a modern twist to the concept.

Eisley – With origins in Old English, Eisley means “ice meadow,” conjuring images of serene and frost-covered landscapes, making it a distinct and evocative choice.

Winterson – Blending “winter” and “son,” this name represents a connection to the season of ice and cold, imbuing a sense of uniqueness and coolness.

Sebastian – Derived from the Latin word “sebastos,” meaning “venerable” or “revered,” Sebastian embodies a sense of elegance and cool sophistication.

Frostwood – A name that merges “frost” and “wood,” it brings together the concepts of ice and nature, evoking a harmonious and enchanting blend.

Permafrost – Inspired by the permanently frozen ground found in Arctic regions, Permafrost is a unique and bold choice that symbolizes the enduring nature of ice.

Frostwind – Conveying a sense of icy gusts and wintry breezes, Frostwind evokes the cool and refreshing energy of icy winds, making it a distinctive and evocative name.

Crystalice – A combination of “crystal” and “ice,” this name combines the elegance of ice formations with the clarity and purity associated with crystals.

Icicle – A name that directly references the elongated ice formations that hang from roofs, Icicle is a distinct and visually striking choice for a boy’s name.

Unique Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Icylla – A creative blend of “icy” and “sylph,” Icylla reflects the cool and ethereal nature of ice, presenting a unique and imaginative name option.

Frosthilda – Combining “frost” and “hilda,” this name carries an air of strength and resilience, blending the coolness of ice with a touch of elegance.

Nerida – Derived from Greek mythology, Nerida means “sea nymph” and can be associated with the icy depths and serenity of frozen waters.

Glaciala – Inspired by glaciers, Glaciala exudes a sense of icy wonder and grandeur, offering a distinctive and enchanting name choice.

Icelind – With origins in Old Norse, Icelind means “ice serpent,” infusing a touch of mystery and enchantment into a distinct and rare name.

Seraphrost – A fusion of “seraph” and “frost,” this name blends celestial and icy elements, creating a unique and ethereal name choice.

Glaciena – Derived from “glacier,” Glaciena exudes a sense of icy elegance and grace, making it a distinctive and captivating name for a girl.

Crystilla – Combining “crystal” and “illa,” Crystilla captures the delicate and alluring nature of ice crystals, offering a unique and magical name option.

25 Historical Baby Names That Mean Ice

Historical Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Here are some historical boy names that mean ice,

Shackleton – Named after Sir Ernest Shackleton, a renowned polar explorer, this name pays homage to his historic expeditions to icy regions.

Nansen – Inspired by Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian explorer, scientist, and humanitarian, this name represents his significant contributions to polar exploration.

Franklin – In honor of Sir John Franklin, an English explorer who led Arctic expeditions, this name carries historical weight and references icy adventures.

Scott – Named after Robert Falcon Scott, a British naval officer and explorer, this name symbolizes his expeditions to the Antarctic and his historical significance.

Byrd – Inspired by Richard E. Byrd, an American naval officer and explorer, this name signifies his contributions to polar exploration and his encounters with icy landscapes.

Ross – Named after James Clark Ross, a British naval officer and explorer, this name represents his pioneering efforts in Antarctic exploration.

Amundsen – In honor of Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer who led the first successful expedition to the South Pole, this name signifies his triumph over icy challenges.

Henson – Inspired by Matthew Henson, an African American explorer who accompanied Robert Peary on expeditions to the North Pole, this name carries historical significance in polar exploration.

Andrée – Named after Salomon August Andrée, a Swedish explorer known for his ill-fated Arctic balloon expedition, this name represents his adventurous spirit and icy pursuits.

Cook – Inspired by Captain James Cook, a British explorer, navigator, and cartographer, this name signifies his voyages to cold and distant lands, including Antarctica.

Charcot – A french word, in honor of Jean-Baptiste Charcot, a French polar explorer, physician, and scientist, this name reflects his expeditions and scientific studies in the Antarctic.

Nordenskjöld – Named after Otto Nordenskjöld, a Swedish geologist and explorer, this name represents his Antarctic expeditions and contributions to polar research.

Peary – Inspired by Robert Peary, an American explorer who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole, this name carries historical significance in Arctic exploration.

Historical Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Adélie – Named after the Adélie penguin, which thrives in icy Antarctic regions, this name represents the historical significance of explorations in the South Pole.

Elisha – In honor of Elisha Kent Kane, an American explorer and naval officer, this name represents his contributions to Arctic expeditions and his encounters with icy terrains.

Irena – Derived from the Greek word “eirene,” meaning peace, this name reflects the historical significance of peaceful relations and cooperation among nations in polar regions.

Josephine – Named after Josephine Diebitsch Peary, an American explorer and writer, this name symbolizes her achievements and contributions to Arctic exploration.

Frida – Inspired by Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian explorer, scientist, and humanitarian, this name represents his historical impact on polar expeditions and humanitarian efforts.

Eleanor – In honor of Eleanor Anne Porden, wife of British explorer John Franklin, this name signifies the historical significance of Arctic exploration and the challenges faced by explorers in icy realms.

Isobel – Named after Isobel Wylie Hutchison, a Scottish explorer and botanist, this name embodies her pioneering spirit and her exploration of the icy landscapes of the Arctic.

Gertrude – Inspired by Gertrude Benham, an English mountaineer and explorer, this name represents her adventurous spirit and historical contributions to polar expeditions.

Renata – Derived from Renata Chlumska, a Swedish explorer and the first Swedish woman to ski to the South Pole, this name signifies her historical achievement and perseverance in icy conditions.

Marie – In honor of Marie Herbert, an Australian polar explorer and one of the first women to visit Antarctica, this name represents her historical journey and involvement in icy expeditions.

Ada – Inspired by Ada Blackjack, an Inupiat woman who joined an ill-fated Arctic expedition, this name symbolizes her resilience and historical significance in the face of icy challenges.

Maud – Named after the ship “Maud” used by explorer Roald Amundsen in his Arctic expedition, this name represents historical polar exploration and the triumph over icy obstacles.

21 Modern Baby Names That Mean Ice

Modern Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Here are some modern boy names that mean ice,

Winterbourne – Combining “winter” and “bourne” (meaning “stream”), this name suggests the flow of icy waters, bringing a modern twist to the concept of ice.

Frostwell – Merging “frost” and “well,” this name represents a source of coolness and refreshment, symbolizing the essence of ice in a modern context.

Glaze – A contemporary name that reflects the smooth and glass-like texture of ice, conveying a sense of coolness and modernity.

Cryon – Inspired by the field of cryonics, this name represents the modern concept of freezing and preservation, capturing the essence of ice in a unique way.

Gelid – A sleek and concise name derived from Latin, Gelid means “icy cold,” making it a modern and distinct choice associated with the coolness of ice.

William – Derived from the Germanic elements “wil” (will, desire) and “helm” (helmet, protection), William signifies strength and determination, similar to the resilience of ice.

Arcticus – With a nod to the Arctic region, this modern name embodies the vast, icy landscapes and the sense of adventure associated with icy territories.

Icelock – Blending “ice” and “lock,” this name suggests the solid and unyielding nature of ice, representing a modern interpretation of its cool strength.

Chiller – A playful and modern name that directly references the concept of coldness, capturing the cool and refreshing quality of ice.

Glacial – Inspired by the modern term for icy formations, Glacial conveys a sense of grandeur and majesty, symbolizing the modern interpretation of icy landscapes.

Subzero – Evoking a sense of extreme coldness, Subzero is a modern and edgy name that represents the modern concept of icy temperatures.

Modern Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Winterlyn – Blending “winter” and “lyn” (meaning “lake” or “waterfall”), this name evokes a modern and serene image of icy landscapes.

Icelia – A unique and modern name derived from “ice,” Icelia represents the cool and alluring nature of ice in a distinctive way.

Frostara – Merging “frost” and “stara” (meaning “star” in multiple languages), this modern name signifies the ethereal and cool essence of icy stars.

Eira – Derived from Welsh mythology, Eira means “snow” and represents the tranquil and pure nature of ice in its frozen form.

Glitterice – A modern and whimsical name, Glitterice suggests the sparkling and magical qualities of ice, bringing a contemporary twist to the concept.

Wintryn – Combining “wintry” and “ryn” (meaning “queen” or “ruler”), this name represents a modern and strong female figure associated with icy realms.

Iceline – Inspired by the modern term for icy lines or formations, Iceline captures the sleek and cool nature of ice in a contemporary way.

Snowlyn – Blending “snow” and “lyn,” Snowlyn represents the modern and enchanting qualities of icy snowflakes, creating a distinctive name choice.

Crystalise – A modern take on the word “crystallize,” this name suggests the process of ice formation and crystallization, exuding a contemporary and unique charm.

Icyra – A modern and sleek name derived from “icy,” Icyra evokes a sense of coolness and modernity, making it a distinctive and memorable choice.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a baby name is a significant decision, as it shapes a child’s identity and leaves a lasting impression. Exploring the realm of names that mean ice offers a unique opportunity to find a name that reflects the coolness, elegance, and enchantment associated with ice and wintry landscapes.

Whether you’re drawn to nature-inspired names that evoke the beauty of ice formations or mythical icy and cool winter baby names that capture the mystical allure of frozen realms, the diverse range of options provides a multitude of possibilities for finding the perfect name for your child.

There are some beautiful names with interesting meanings such as ice island, ice power and sea ice battle for your special baby.

These names not only carry deep meanings related to ice but also offer a sense of individuality and distinctiveness. They allow parents to pay homage to historical figures, celebrate cultural references, or embrace modern and creative interpretations of the icy theme.

Ultimately, the article “Baby Names That Mean Ice” serves as a guide to assist parents in their quest for a name that embodies the captivating and cool essence of ice.

Delve into the enchanting world of icy names and discover the perfect one that will accompany your child through a lifetime of coolness, strength, and wonder.

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