10 Things Pregnant Women Do When They’re Finally Alone


Women’s bodies are pretty darn incredible; we legit grow other humans inside of us. If you’ve ever really sat down to think about it, you’ve probably thought, “That is some pretty amazing stuff.” But pregnancy can also be exhausting, painful, nauseating, and many other things. Sometimes, pregnant women can’t wait to get one second to themselves, and there are plenty of things pregnant women do alone when they finally are by themselves.

When a pregnant woman is alone, they might do things they probably wouldn’t if other people were around. And that is perfectly okay because everyone deserves a second to do exactly what they want. As soon as that baby arrives, we won’t be alone for long. Here are 10 things all pregnant women do when they are by themselves.

1. We Get a Really Good Look at Our Pregnant Body

This might be pulling our shirts up to admire our bellies, or we might strip down to look at the whole package. Our bodies change completely when we are pregnant; there is no shame in wanting to check that out. We look at stretch marks, bellies, and our breasts that may be bigger than we have ever seen them. Ladies, take a good look at the beautiful thing your body is doing, and remember, you are gorgeous no matter what changes your body has made.

2. We Take Naps

Pregnant women fall asleep on beds, couches, and easy chairs as fast as they can when they finally get a minute to themselves. Pregnancy is downright exhausting, and pregnant women need to get their rest. Sometimes, we can’t keep our eyes open, especially in those first few months. We need to soak up those quiet minutes.

3. We Shop

This may be in the comfort of our bed, snuggled up with a pregnancy pillow, or at Target with a decaf latte. No matter what anyone says, nothing is like shopping for baby clothes. Imagining holding our sweet bundle of love in a little sleeper or blanket gives all moms the feels. Plus, no one is there telling us, “We don’t need more of this stuff. We have plenty.” Um, we do, friend. Mind your own business.

4. We Exercise

Good nutrition and exercise are super important for pregnant women, and we covet our walks alone or trips to the gym. Remember that your doctor should approve all exercise routines, but they will likely tell us that moderate exercise during pregnancy is a good idea. A healthy and strong body will come in handy in the delivery room.

5. We Nest

This is another one of those things we don’t want people around to get in the way of. The refrigerator might need an excellent scrub even though our baby won’t need anything from that fridge for months. The laundry room cabinets need to be cleaned out. And please don’t forget we have to rearrange our partner’s socks. There is no way they show up at birth with a hole in their heel. No, none of this may matter to anyone else but us, but you can be darn sure when that baby comes home, they will not be embarrassed by a messy home.

6. We Go Online

Yes, we want to know what to expect, but reading all those chapters is too much sometimes. We want quick answers, so we consult the internet for help. Now, we must decipher between the good and the bad, but we also find true camaraderie among pregnant women online. Some of those funny ladies on social media are just what we need when pregnant. They can relieve our fears and make us think, “Thank God, I’m not alone.” Trust us. We know all about hours of scrolling at night when pregnancy insomnia hits.

7. We Eat All the Foods

Yep, when we are all alone, we eat without fear of judgment. Need a double cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate malt and whipped cream? Treat yourself, momma. Now, this isn’t a great idea to do every day because it’s probably not the healthiest choice for us or the baby. But, hey, there is no shame in indulging every once in a while. Plus, when we’re alone, it’s a perfect time to try out some of those bizarre pregnancy cravings that make everyone else around us a bit uncomfortable.

8. We Go for a Drive

We may need a few minutes, or hours, to think and daydream without anyone pestering us. Sometimes, we do our best thinking when alone in the car. It may be a time to reminisce about our childhood by driving past our old schools or heading past a park where we hope to push our kids on a swing soon. We may take this time to be spiritual and ask for guidance and strength. This is also the time to blast and sing our favorite music without anyone telling us to turn it off or not listen to the same song five times in a row.

9. We Call Our Moms or Best Friends

Technically, we aren’t alone if we are talking on the phone, but having an uninterrupted adult conversation for 15 minutes can feel like the biggest win. Plus, this is a great time to use someone we love as a sounding board to listen to our woes, concerns, and funny stories about accidentally peeing ourselves when we sneezed at the grocery store this week. These calls can be especially great if we can commiserate with another pregnant friend.

10. We Have a Good Cry

Maybe it is a happy or sad one, but one of the things pregnant women do alone includes getting their emotions out. This might be a good time to throw on “Steel Magnolias” or rewatch a few episodes of “Gilmore Girls.” Pregnant moms are scared to death while we are enjoying our growing belly and decorating the nursery. And while we may not want anyone to know, we let it all out when we are alone in those fears. Once again, it is natural and perfectly okay to be emotional during pregnancy, and we let it rip behind clothes doors.

Pregnancy is a journey that, hopefully, we enjoy. And while it is great to have love and support and someone around to help us, it is also okay to need an hour to ourselves. Pregnant women must jump on that chance without hesitation when it presents itself.

As soon as our baby is born, life will change significantly. That will be incredible, and we will love that baby like nothing else, but while they are still inside the comfort of our bellies, we need to take advantage of some private time and self-care.


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