List of 5 Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth And Thickness


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Love them or hate them in your skincare regime, oils are essential for hair, home, and scalp health. Herbal oils are made of natural ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, all of which are beneficial for healthy hair and scalp. Whether you have thin long hair or thick hair, regular use of ayurvedic or natural hair oil brings a multitude of benefits.

Being a girl from an Indian traditional family, oils have always been a part of my routine and the secret behind my long black hair. But, many of my friends living in metropolitan cities have long been worried about whether the advantages outweigh the cons. Well, I’m here to tell you that hair oils are vital to creating a strong and healthy foundation for hair to grow.

While shampoo and conditioner are great for overall maintenance, hair oil is a treatment that can have a variety of advantages with regular use. Best oil for hair growth restores nutrients to your strands and scalp to increase hair products, strengthen the roots and eliminate breakage.

Here’s a rundown of the five best oil for hair growth and thickness. If thick and healthy hair is your goal, make sure to go through the list and add one of these amazing oils to your daily routine.

Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

1. Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil: A Unique Ayurvedic Hair Oil Formula

Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil 1

If you are looking for a multipurpose oil that can curb all your hair concerns, Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil can be your first choice. It is made of nature’s finest herbs and Ayurvedic plants. This is Ayurvedic herbal oil and is very effective in promoting hair growth and revitalizing hair follicles from root to tip. It effectively adds life to your dull and dehydrated hair, helping you to enhance your hair density and stimulate hair growth. The best part about this hair oil is that it repairs split ends and hair damage instantly.

Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil is focused on bringing you nature’s luxurious herbs and oils that restore your scalp health and reverse the follicular damage, making your hair healthy and bouncy.

This oil is made of only natural and certified organic ingredients, plant-based derivatives, bio enzymes, authentic ayurvedic formula that makes it among the best oils for hair growth in India. These ingredients rejuvenate dry strands and enhance the texture of your hair. It is also free from any chemicals, parabens, sulfate, SLS/SLES, and other synthetic ingredients.


  • The hair oil helps preserve scalp health and relieve hair issues.
  • It increases hair longevity, by maintaining hair elasticity.
  • Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil is not a cosmetic product, it comes with therapeutic properties.
  • It is safe for coloured and treated hair.
  • The formula contains the goodness of 30 natural herbs.
  • The best part is that this oil is not sticky or heavy on head.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals like SLS, Sulphates, silicon, and parabens.


  • It is a little expensive.

2. Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil: Best Oil for Hair Fall & Scalp

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil min

Indulekha is one of the most popular oil brands in India for introducing a unique Ayurvedic solution to fight hair loss and promote hair growth. It is specially formulated to encourage hair regrowth and prevent hair breakage. Besides, this ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth also helps fight scalp conditions like dandruff and dryness. This oil is enriched with neem, amla, SwethaKuteja leaves, Karpura, rudraksha, Bringharaj oil, and pure coconut milk that makes it the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil is a herbal formula made of herbs and natural ingredients. It targets all the common issues related to hair including split ends, dryness, lack of hair volume, etc. While some people find it a bit costly, the amazing formula and its results are worth the price.


  • It provides active control over hair fall and gives you voluminous hair.
  • You get a cooling effect after applying this oil that makes you feel relaxed.
  • It has antifungal properties that help to cure dandruff too.
  • A gentle massage from the oil improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth.


  • It has a very strong fragrance that many people do not like.
  • It is not pocket-friendly.

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3. Khadi Natural Tulsi Herbal Hair Oil: Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Khadi Natural Tulsi Herbal Hair Oil 1 min

A perfect blend of rich ingredients like amla, tulsi, camphor, neem sesame oil, and shikakai, Khadi Natural Tulsi Herbal Hair Oil is another great option when you are looking for the best oil for hair growth in India.This is an enriching oil that soothes your scalp and boosts the blood flow to it. It is a light and non-sticky formula and does not weigh your hair down.

Apart from boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss, it also helps in eliminating scalp infections and reducing itching, dandruff, and psoriasis. When you apply this herbal hair oil for hair growth, the formula creates a tingling feeling on your scalp which treats stress and insomnia.


  • Tulsi is the main ingredient in this oil, which reduces hair loss.
  • It helps in soothing the scalp and prevents itchiness and infections.
  • With the result of this oil, you get smooth and shiny hair.
  • It has a pleasant herbal aroma.


  • It contains mineral oils that are not good for hair.
  • The complete ingredients list is not mentioned in the packet.

4. Kama Ayurveda’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Pure Coconut Oil with Additional Nutrients

Kama Ayurvedas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil min

Coconut Oil has been the oldest choice of people if you are looking for which is the best oil for hair growth? And, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a powerful formula that helps your hair grow healthier, longer, and thicker.The oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that help to penetrate the cuticle of your hair.

In the coconut oil range, Kama Ayurveda’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the purest forms of this oil. It is cold-pressed which ensures that all the nutrients in the formula are well-preserved.

The oil contains an amazing conditioning treatment that adds lustre to hair and soothes dry scalp. It is completely non-sticky with a cooling and soothing sensation.


  • It adds lustre to damaged hair.
  • This is 100% pure and organic oil.
  • It has a light and nongreasy texture
  • The oil conditions your hair and makes it soft and shiny.


  • Again, the cost is high.

The century’s old tradition of using essential oils is one with lasting impact- for many good reasons. And that’s why, I have come up with a blog on ten best essential oils in India that are helpful in many skin conditions- from acne to ageing, dryness to oiliness. So go, and find your favourite essential oil!

5. Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil: One of the best Hair Oils for Soft & Smooth Hair

Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil min

Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil truly works like magic to give you smooth and strong hair. It contains a very rich formula that stimulates your roots and increases the blood circulation in your scalp to control hair loss.

This ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall treats scalp infection and improves hair growth. It strengthens your hair follicles from within and boosts your hair’s elasticity. When you apply this oil to your scalp, the oil creates a cooling sensation on your scalp and gives you a calming effect.

Before you apply the oil on hairs, make sure to dilute the oil with water or another carrier oil because of its thick consistency.


  • The oil gives a soothing, calming effect on the scalp when you apply.
  • It is not sticky and does not make your hair weighed down.
  • The fragrance is quite relaxing and pleasant.
  • The product comes with easy-to-use packaging and is easily available.


  • It does not provide nourishment to hair like most oils.

That’s it for not! Hopefully, you found this list of 5 hair oil best for hair growth helpful and interesting… If you have queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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